photo by Daehyun Park


I grew up in the small, rural college town of Oberlin, OH, and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in May 2015. I moved to the Chicago, IL neighborhood of Rogers Park in October 2015 and I'm still trying to figure out my place in this city. When I’m not painting, drawing, or printmaking, I do a lot of unpredictable wage labor, volunteer as a street medic at protests and as jail support, and organize with my church against state violence of all kinds.  Liberation theology is where it's at.

This all influences the kind of art I make; my family, my faith, and my life as a queer and chronically ill/disabled woman also make appearances. I'm a christian, and I use painting partially as a way to struggle with and question christianity.

I’m interested in ways in which art can be of service, whether as protest/street art or as a more intimate catalyst.  An image that can expand someone’s inner/imaginative life can be a driving force; likewise, art can help both the artist and the potential audience work through trauma of all kinds, which is a necessary part of caring for each other and working for revolution. All art is political, passively or actively, so I operate on the strength of my faith in a lack of barriers between studio work and real life as I develop into a better artist and a better human being.